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I'm a professional photographer specialising in food photography. Which is not to say I don't do other genres as you might have guessed from seeing my work.

I started shooting several years ago with landscape photography on my trusty Nikon F90X. As a family we've always loved travelling. Europe has been our favourite destination and if we miss it two years running we get withdrawal symptoms which can only be cured by quickly buying flight tickets and a Lonely Planet to another country in Europe and commencing planning.

Travel photography was therefore a natural adjunct which led to a largish collection of landscapes, seascapes and people from strange and interesting places. Which resulted in three solo exhibitions along the way, which were well received if one went by the number of prints sold, general excitement among visitors, and subsequent orders received via my website.

All this while I was still working at a 9 to 5 advertising job.

Five years ago I took the plunge and went freelance. I now shoot for a living and some people might say I'm living my dream. I up and travel when I want, shoot all kinds of stuff (food like I mentioned, interiors, portraits and even the occasional wedding.)

My first love continues to be landscapes. People have been kind and encouraging by buying my prints to hang on their living room walls. (Yup, they're for sale. Prices on request. Write to me at jrabindra@gmail.com and in most cases I'll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.)

I live in New Delhi with my wife. My daughter's married and moved south to Mangalore.

I was born in Tuticorin, a little coastal town in Tamil Nadu, and spent my early years in Malaysia and Southern India.

(Photo courtesy Ragini Rabindra)